It was kindly pointed out to me that “Lights Fade”, my short story in In the Court of the Yellow King, was added to Ellen Datlow’s “Recommended List” for Best Horror of the Year Volume 7.


I know that some of my friends think it is a little odd to be fangirling over an editor, rather than a writer, but come on: being an editor is harder. And you have to deal with writers. And have you not ever read an anthology where it seemed half the stuff was phoned in, probably by friends of the editor? I have, but never in an anthology Ellen Datlow put together.

I’ll be over here making tiny gleep noises if you need me.

Fireside Fiction #19

There’s the nervousness of submitting fiction in the hopes an editor might accept it, and then there’s the joy and disbelief when it’s accepted, and then there’s the roller coaster of excitement and panic when it is published, because that’s when you really notice all the mistakes you should have fixed in the first place. And how pretentious your bio sounds. And how embarrassing it is to see all the really good stories alongside your fiction, like your story showed up at a party thinking it was going to be a casual BBQ sort of thing so nobody would notice the coffee stain on its jeans and that it is sorta overdue for a haircut, and then when it walks in it turns out to be  an elegant cocktail party full of really good-looking, witty people dressed like they just stepped out of a fashion spread.

Everybody feels that way, right?

Anyway! Fireside Fiction #19 was published yesterday, and my modest contribution aside, it is, as is its wont, laden with good stuff. I’m looking forward to setting aside time to read “Tuesdays with Molakesh the Destroyer” in particular.


She Waits

Confirmed that “She Waits” will be published in Fireside Magazine‘s upcoming flash fiction issue.

I was very excited about this until I went and looked at the authors who are published in Fireside, and then I became excited and running around hyperventilating with a massive case of impostor syndrome.

But still!