Fireside Fiction #19

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There's the nervousness of submitting fiction in the hopes an editor might accept it, and then there's the joy and disbelief when it's accepted, and then there's the roller coaster of excitement and panic when it is published, because that's when you really notice all the mistakes you should have fixed in the first place. ...

She Waits

Confirmed that "She Waits" will be published in Fireside Magazine's upcoming flash fiction issue. I was very excited about this until I went and looked at the authors who are published in Fireside, and then I became excited and running around hyperventilating with a massive case of impostor syndrome. But still!

Looking for Mister Right

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Jacque clapped his hands and squealed at the airplane that bounced up out of the artificial surf. - “Cee, it’s darling! Did you really give it a puppy brain for an AI? Oh, look, it’s splashing me!” Criminal Procedure sighed. Jacque was less tiresome than many of the beautiful idiots he’d kept as arm candy, but ...